Fay is a qualified “SQP” with a licence to advise and sell horse wormers, dog & cat wormers and flea control.  

Join the worming program today (all you need is an email address!) and you will be included in an email which instructs you when you need to worm count or worm at the correct time of year, to help keep your horse worm free and healthy. Worm count results are explained and any necessary advice on wormers needed will be given. Worm count use is very important in helping prolong the efficiency of worming drugs on the market now and for the future.

Worm counts are processed through Westgate Laboratories and are available from the shop at £8.99 per kit. This includes everything including postage and laboratory fees. Worm counts are performed three times a year for adult healthy horses, (young horses will need more frequent attention) with a mandatory wormer for encysted red worm in December, and control of tapeworm twice a year.
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